Row Seven has created standardised code for several large corporate clients, where a single code build is used across the entire world-wide campus. This should be considered by any organisation which expects to install more than 50 systems per year. Cost saving targets of approximately 5000 USD per system have been used in this model.

A typical standard build will utilise configuration data files which direct the system operation. These files are created using a Windows environment database, from which the configuration files are exported. This data base may also support asset management and remote heath monitoring.

A standard system can provide the following key features:

  • Configurable as to name, floor, building, region, etc.
  • Selection of major functions such as video and/or audio conferencing.
  • Allowance to use different display quantities, types and manufacturers.
  • Flexible and efficient use of signal routing devices.
  • Configurable source quantities, such as PCs and laptops.
  • Configurable interfaces to local environment, such as lighting and blinds.
  • Extensive support options and heath monitoring, both local and remote.
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