Row Seven is a Crestron Services Provider certified to the Silver level. We have been programming Crestron control systems since 1992, providing software for some of the first Crestron systems to enter service in the United Kingdom.

We provide programming services to both end users and integrators. In some cases we work
as the end user's nominated supplier, but provide the services through the integrator.

We are independent of Crestron, but maintain a close relationship exchanging technical
information with both Crestron and their UK distributor. We are involved in Crestron's beta
testing program via Crestron Labs.

We take pride in our software capabilities. We believe we are at the forefront of Crestron programming, making extensive use of SIMPL+ and SIMPL# to create high performance, high reliability building blocks. We have participated in the beta testing of SIMPL# Pro, and have delivered some of the first Pro# programs in the UK.

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